Albéniz: Iberia

Posted by i kadek Mardika on Sunday, March 18, 2012

"...Eduardo Fernandez successfully navigates the fine line between virtuosity and musicality, achieving a perfect blend of the two, bringing new life to this beautiful and captivating work, with all its intensity, energy, and light and shade, perhaps interpreting it as Albéniz originally intended... Enjoy!" la Ossa

'For most of my musically aware years, Alicia de Larrocha held dominion in this repertoire. To be sure, she had her run of challengers, some quite serious -Marc André Hamelin for one- But while de Larrocha's crown may have been knocked a bit askew, no one had successfully engineered the coup that would dispossess her of the throne -until now. 

De Larrocha died in 2009. Long live the queen. Meet the king in waiting, Eduardo Fernández (...) Commanding a touch of steel that never turns steely or brittle, Fernández draws enormous power, achieving something that actually approximates Albéniz's impossible quintuple fortes, yet he can tease from the keyboard the most delicate and subtle effects (...) It's hard to imagine what Fernández might give us as an encore to this CD, but whatever it is, I shall wait for it with bated breath.' See Full

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