Garden of Early Delights

Posted by i kadek Mardika on Saturday, March 17, 2012

“Recorded sound is nothing short of stunning, while the cover image of a hummingbird nicely encapsulates Thorby's lightness and agility as she darts from piece to piece to extract its nectar. This is Paradise indeed.” --Gramophone Magazine

“Thorby's playing exhibits a vitality, exuberance and earthiness that reminds me of the great David Munrow.” ---BBC Music Magazine

“Pamela Thorby's tone is silvery, alert and her intonation is impeccable” --BBC Music Magazine

“Whether on soprano, alto or tenor recorder, Pamela Thorby's tone has a limpid clarity which gives a crisp filigree-like quality to even the most fast and furious figurations...This crystalline sound is equally successful in conveying the melancholy expressiveness of slower and less highly ornamented items such as Van Eyck's arrangement of Caccini's Amarilli.” --The Telegraph

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