Prokofiev, Sibelius: Violin Concertos

Posted by i kadek Mardika on Friday, March 16, 2012

Ilya Gringolts is a player of formidable technique and considerable musical imagination, and finds congenial partners here in the vastly experienced Neeme Järvi and his Gothenburg orchestra. The Sibelius Concertio is performed with great strength and poetry . . . --BBC Music Magazine

Ilya Gringolts has something to offer to listeners in the notes as well as in his performances . . . Gringolts manages to combine Oistrakh's mystical intensity, especially to the outer movements, with Szigeti's caustic asperity . . . He makes bold gestures with plenty of tonal resources to spare, never crossing over into either indulgent warmth or rough edginess.

Gringolts speaks of the magical moments a soloist experiences after the sound of the last movement dies away. His own reading of that final page serves as a transcendental explication of his remarks . . . His readings, by turns fey and ardent, make these pieces out to be miniatures collectively of rather more importance than they've generally been taken to be by other performers . . .

Ilya Gringolts seems to be one of the handful of violinists of the younger generation who takes risks to personalize what he plays -- and generally succeeds. His musical intelligence makes as strong an impression as does his technical preparedness . . . Strongly recommended.
--Robert Maxham, Fanfare, 01 November 2004

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