Concerto veneziano: Vivaldi, Locatelli, Tartini

Posted by i kadek Mardika on Friday, March 23, 2012

"All this is well caught by the rich and detailed recording, as is Carmignola . . . there's a lot of character, together with a sweet and focused sound. He's very careful with vibrato and articulation, and his rubato bends the pulse without breaking it . . . The Locatelli . . . gives Carmignola an opportunity for fireworks . . . he's technically on top of everything, and the trumpet-like sound of his first entry in the Tartini is a real feat of tonal control . . ." --BBC Music Magazine

"This disc is really something special . . . This disc stands out for imaginative repertoire selection and outstanding interpretation . . . Do yourself a favor and buy this magnificently played, perfectly recorded disc. It's an instant classic."

". . . Carmignola is a terrific violinist whose technique and intonation are as near flawless as one has any right to expect. His tone, neither too fat nor too spare, is ravishing, drawn out in cantilenas llike an exquisitely spun silver thread that never shows the slightest sign of insecurity . . . So moving, so touching . . . this movement alone should be heard not only by every aspiring violinist, but also by every singer, who will learn much about control and phrasing from the playing . . . the playing is dazzling . . . lovely violin-playing will (and certainly should) attract widespread interest in a disc that is in many ways a wondrous achievement . . ." --Fanfare

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